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From Kerman, Central Valley of California. USA

Our UK experience Dec 2013: “My family and I were very heart warmed and proud to see the unity of the Sikh communities of the UK. We observed how many Sikhs are going back to Sikhi which was very touching to see. To see out Singhs walk in full bana on the streets of Edinburgh was just amazing. To see Sikhi in the UK flourish the way it is only gives further hope that our Sikh sangats is going on the right path. The gurudawaras were also very impressive. There’s seems to be much love amongst the sangat there. Overall our experience was a very memorable one and can’t wait to come back to the UK again.”

From left to right: -Father and Mother Harbax Singh & Davinder Kaur Sidhu. Son’s Sanjeevan Singh & Devan Singh Sidhu.


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